Temrin is a freelance illustrator from Canada, specializing in fantasy and anthropomorphic subject matter as well as small business services (coming soon) such as website design and development, branding and logos, social media and marketing, Patreon and other profile copy writing auditing, as well as some printing services.

Much of the work you see on this site and on my socials are made possible thanks to my patrons on Patreon. I wouldn't be able to create as much as i do without their support. Becoming a patron grants you behind the scenes access including work in progress shots, discussions and polls about future projects and ideas, first dibs on commission slots and merchandise sales as well as monthly request streams and other freebies for being awesome!

Naiser - Mar 5, 2019
"I've been following Temrin as a creator for over 10 years now and have gotten quite a few commissions. Every time I've done a purchase, the attention to detail and customer service, to make sure the commissioner is happy, is always top notch."

Bozo - Mar 3, 2019
"I've been a patron of Temrin's for SO long... About 5 years I think? Anyway, she set my high standards for commission art, as she is incredibly professional and prompt in her responses to questions. Her patreon is a great way to keep in touch when it comes to commissions as well, as every month or two she shares what her plans for the future are, so you're never left in the dark wondering what is going on. You can get a lot of art for not too much money too, as well as freebies and discounts!"

WDG - Mar 3, 2019
"I joined Temrin's Patreon campaign a little over two and a half years ago, but I had not really been active in it until about a year ago. Temrin does some really nice work. She is easy to talk to on her Discord server, and responsive when working on commissions. Additionally, she is willing to try unconventional characters in her artwork, and has done an excellent job bringing some of my ideas to life from a combination of my very basic MS Paint sketches and written descriptions."

Oasus - Mar 3, 2019
"I've known Temrin for a good number of years now and roughly 2 years ago I was finally able to become one of her patrons. She has never disappointed me with her level of detail in her work. She is transparent about everything and is always willing to give an update when you ask."


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Please keep in mind that commission openings are generally given to Patrons first, then posted to the public.
Even $1 patrons get tons of behind the scenes content and dibs on slots.

My form is always open for quotes, however, so feel free to send one in.

Digital Illustration

Traditional Artwork


Web & Branding

An order form for Website design/building, Branding as well as Social Media and Marketing services is coming soon.

Website & Event Designs

Note: Art assets provided by me unless otherwise states.

Branding & Marketing Designs

Note: Some assets provided by client

Banner Ads

Note: Art assets were provided by the client except for Homecon 2016, 2017, Swaggerdile, Howloween 2013, Zombies and one image in VancouFur 2016


Full page coming soon!

For now, check out my online shops:
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Looking for illustration commissions?

Community Work

I enjoy creating content for local and community events when time is available to do so and am always open to discussion about quotes/trades/etc.

Please note that while some of the artwork is my own, some has been provided by the client and/or their team for me to create a final product out of.

This is not a complete list of events or works.


T-shirt Artist: 2011
Social Media, Marketing, Art Director, Artist, Web Dev: 2012-Present
Vice Chair: 2017-Present
(And various other positions)


Social Media, Marketing, Artist: 2012-2017
Art & Conbook Cover Director, Media Executive: 2014-2017
GOH Liaison: 2015-2017
Admin: 2016-2017
Advisor: 2018
(And various other positions)


Moderator, Social Media, Marketing, HomeCon Organizer.
(And various other positions)


Vanhoover, Camp Feral, BCFurries


Contact me at any of the social media sites in the footer or via email with the form below.

Please keep in mind that I generally work Mon-Fri ~10am-5pm Pacific but these can change. Expect an answer within 48 hours unless it's a holiday or I've stated on social media that I'll be away for a time.

Thank you for your understanding!